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Terry Witham, Facility Manager  

Terry Witham, Facility Manager


Dan Veilleux, PTR Certified Head Tennis Professional

Dan Veilleux, PTR Certified Head Tennis Professional

Sherry Norton, PTR Certified Tennis Professional

Sherry Norton, PTR Certified Tennis Professional

AB- Our newest Tennis instructor!

AB- Our newest Tennis instructor!

Back to the Future of Tennis will be the theme of a multi-activity experience at 5:30p.m. Friday Sept. 29 at A-Copi Tennis and Sports Center on the Leighton Road, Augusta.

The event will combine the old and new of tennis with a special feature of chocolate and cheese fondue presented by Mary’s Catering.

 The old will be featured with matches played with wooden rackets, white tennis clothes and white tennis balls.  The new will be POP tennis which is the modern version of 100-year old paddle tennis.  Players will also have matches with regular modern rackets, yellow balls.

White tennis clothes date back to the 1800’s.  Whites were especially proscribed for women because sweat seen through clothing was seen as unseemly.  Men wore full length trousers, shirts and sweaters. Men’s shorts did not appear until 1932 but were not widely adopted until after World War II.

The Wimbledon tournament in England, long regarded as the epitome of tennis, still has a strict all-white tennis gear policy including shoes, headbands and overall dress.

There will be one 25-minute round with wooden rackets and another 25-minute section of POP tennis. 

POP tennis is played with shorter rackets, low compression balls and a shorter court.  Scoring is the same as regular tennis except players get one serve and serve underhand.  There is a short learning curve for POP tennis and rallies are easy to sustain.

Dan Veilleux, A-Copi’s club pro, said POP tennis is spreading rapidly through the tennis world. With a smaller court size, shorter length racket and low compression balls, players quickly master the strokes and the sport, he said.

The club will provide players with the POP tennis rackets and they have a good collection of wooden rackets.

Participating players are encouraged to wear white tennis clothes to recall the beginning roots of tennis in England when wooden rackets were the only choice for play.

In addition to the cheese and chocolate fondue with fruit and bread for dipping, beverages will also be available.

A charge of $10 for gold members, $15 for silver members and non-members will pay for the tennis mixer and the refreshments. If you want ot come for refreshments only, the charge is $5.

For more information, call A-Copi Tennis and Sports Center at 213-6286.

Art on the Courts Sunday October 15, 12-6

Over 30 Maine Artists demonstrating and selling their artwork. Wine tasting and food pairing hosted by the Lighthouse of Manchester Maine.  Live auction at 3pm with James Julia. For more information or questions:

The PR Committee at A-Copi is looking for someone who likes to make posters and is good with graphics programs like publisher to join their team. If you are interested, please email Carol Ladd, This is not a big time requirement and can be done at your home or at the club or a little of both!


We are now stringing again at the club!

Check out the schedule page of our website and see if we have a program that fits your needs or talk to Dan Veilleux or Terry Witham about creating one!

Our fundraising efforts help supplement our operating expenses without raising prices, provide financial support for juniors AND help fund new programs LIKE the Non-elimination Tournaments for youth and adults that Dan Veilleux is organizing .  Help support your club by collecting your loose change. $$$$ Pick up your KVTA Jar at the front desk. Collect all year but try to bring us a jar by NEXT WEEK, however full it is!

Lockers are available to rent. Stop schlepping your stuff! $49 for 6 months.

Have you heard the news? Kennebec Valley Indoor Golf is up and running. Stop by and check it out! For more information, click here: 

We have been accepted as hosts of Maine Senior Games for Pickleball in August and Tennis in September.  

YOUNG ADULT DAYS   25 -40 yrs old Fridays 1pm. - 4pm. l schedule page for details.

We request that everyone sign up for programs they plan to attend. This enables us to prepare and offer the absolute best tennis experience on the court for you. Each program has a limited amount of spaces available. We would not want you to arrive and not have a space open for you to play.  (See scheduling tab for more information.)










KVTA is dedicated to promoting youth, junior and adult tennis at all levels in central Maine.  

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