GOLD Membership - 52 weeks - all court time is included! Lessons and drills are discounted.

  • Individual - $1,350/12 Months
  • Couple - $2,250/12 Months
  • Junior - (18 and Under) - $180/three (3) month minimum

The Gold Membership pays for itself if an adult plays doubles at least twice a week during the 38-week indoor season (Labor Day to Memorial Day). The Junior membership pays for itself if a Junior plays doubles five times a month or singles four times a month. Gold members can book courts 7 days in advance.

SILVER Membership - three month minimum
member rates on court time and lessons

  • $119/3 months

Discounted Court Rates (per person):

  • Adult Doubles $12/1.5 hrs; $8/hr
  • Adult Singles $24/1.5 hrs; $16/hr

The Silver Membership pays for itself if an adult plays doubles at least six times a month during the 38-week indoor season. Singles players will save with this membership if they play at least three times a month. Silver members can book courts 7 days in advance

Non Member Prices (per person)

  • Adult Doubles $18/1.5 hrs; $12/hr
  • Adult Singles $36/1.5 hrs; $24/hr
  • Non-members can book courts 5 days in advance
  • Special Non Member Discounts!Get ½ off Non-Member court fees on the second and fourth weekend of every month.
  • Get 20% off Non-Member court fees during Non-Prime Time Monday-Friday 12 noon–3 pm.

permanent court time

Members who booked permanent court time in the previous year have until June 20 to keep their court time. (Payment due July 1st-August 21st.)

From June 21st-July 17 any A-Copi member may book a new court reservation. Only one court may reserved per person.  If a group wants two courts, another playing member of the group can reserve the second court. Once you have a reserved court, please cancel 48 hours in advance if you are not planning to use the court.  The non-member price will be charged for that court if you do not cancel in a timely fashion and we are unable to fill the space.

Payment period begins July 1st:
$250 per reservation if paid between July 1 & August 21
$275 per reservation if paid after August 21.

We prefer cash or checks but are able to accept credit cards.

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In-House Account

Did you know that KVTA offers a convenient in-house personal account for all your club expenses? This account saves you from standing in line at the desk and saves the club fees charged by credit and debit cards as well. Here’s how it works:
1. Ask the Front Desk staff to start an account in your name,
2. Deposit funds into your account (we suggest loading a deposit to cover at least a month’s expenses),
3. Come in and use the courts, take a lesson, buy a pro-shop item,
4. Tell the Front Desk staff to put it on your account
5. Ask for a receipt for the balance so you know when to add more funds. (You can load funds with any amount at any time).
Sign up for your in-house account today. No membership is required!