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May 13, 2018

 Richard Mount

Richard Mount

Tennis for a Cause
A New Englander has a “capital” idea to promote tennis in every U.S. state. Richard Mount is playing tennis in every state capital to raise funds for the Youth Tennis Foundation. He stopped in Friday morning to play a set with our head tennis professional, Dan Veilleux. The campaign “Buy a Racket not a Rifle” is raising funds to buy 100 racquets and to build backboards for youths. This 85-year old retired tennis professional has traveled 17,100 miles across the country promoting tennis while raising awareness about gun violence. A-Copi was stop 47 for him, with Concord, NH, and Boston, MA, his last two capitals to visit.

Adult and Youth Clinics and Drills
Your kids are getting ready for a break; we don’t take those here! Get your children off their electronic devices and on to the courts for some healthy physical activity. Tennis promotes good health and sportsmanship and is good for moms, dads, and kids. See our website for youth and adult program information:

Congrats to A-Copi and our tennis professionals!
A-Copi is the recipient of USPTA New England Awards for 2017! Thanks to our Board, our tennis professionals and management, A-Copi Tennis & Sports Center received the “New England Small Facility of the Year” award for 2017. Due to the vision of our leaders, we have created wonderful opportunities to enjoy tennis in Augusta, Maine. Our programming is exemplary for a facility of any size and recognized by the United States Professional Tennis Association for our efforts in promoting tennis for all ages. Individual awards for our tennis professionals went to Lanell Beckles and Wilbur Shardlow. Lanell Beckles received the USTPA New England Diversity Award for 2017, in recognition of his ability to work with tennis players of all ages. Wilbur Shardlow received the USPTA New England Over 65 Professional of the Year for 2017 for promoting junior tennis.

Gather your coins for a cause!
Have some coins rolling around in your dryer, under your floor mats, in your junk drawer? Pick up a coin jar at KVTA, put all of that loose change in it and bring it in by June 15. The player bringing in the jar with the most money will win a gift certificate for Cushnoc Brewing Company! Your donation is tax deductible.

Cardio Tennis
Join us for Cardio Tennis on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. with our Tennis Professional, Sherry Norton. Get a workout and use your tennis skills at the same time. This one-hour class is available to members and non-members! It's a fun group activity for anyone at any playing level looking for a fun way to burn calories and interact with others.

May 8, 2018 - A-Copi Tennis and Sports awarded the United States Professional Tennis Association's New England Small Facility of the Year 2017! Congratulations to Wilbur Shardlow, who received the USPTA Over 65 Tennis Professional Award and Lanell Beckles, who received the Diversity Award!

 Facilities Manager Terry Witham holding the 2017 United States Professional Tennis Association's Best New England Small Facility of the Year Award!

Facilities Manager Terry Witham holding the 2017 United States Professional Tennis Association's Best New England Small Facility of the Year Award!

 Wilbur Shardlow received the USPTA Over 65 Professional Tennis Instructors Award and Lanell Beckles received the Diversity Award.

Wilbur Shardlow received the USPTA Over 65 Professional Tennis Instructors Award and Lanell Beckles received the Diversity Award.

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April 27, 2018 - The weather is getting nicer outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy tennis with us. Spring weather is unpredictable--but you can always count on perfect weather at KVTA.

KVTA’s On Account Payment Plan Hear what a member has to say: “I put cash into my account at the front desk. It’s quick, easy, and saves me time, so I can get out on the court, the front desk staff gives me a receipt each time, so I know my balance. It’s a win-win investment for me and KVTA. KVTA saves credit card fees, and in turn I’m helping keeping cost down for active-playing members. It is a small gesture from me and a convenience at the same time.” – David H.
Pro Shop  Please check out our spring clothing line. Women’s and Men’s tees, Visors for the Ladies and Caps for the Gentlemen. KVTA vests are also available by orders.
Saint Michael’s Students Students from Saint Michael’s School have been participating in a tennis camp. Students are working on tennis skills and learning the game. KVTA welcomes these young tennis players!
New Faces at the Front Desk  Please welcome Dayna and Rebeckah to our organization. They look forward to making your experience here a pleasant one.
Honoring our Veterans  KVTA welcomes Togus Veterans to KVTA’s mission of providing wellness and community comradely. Our service men and women are participating in tennis and pickleball.

April 15, 2018 - High School Scrambles is being held this Sunday, April 15, 2018, 2-4 pm. $10.00 drop-in fee. We would like to again wish our high school tennis players the best of luck. The season starts the week of April 23rd.


April 14, 2018 - Spring Into the Season Pickleball Tournament will be held Saturday, April 14, 2018 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Stop by and watch!

In-House Account Did you know that KVTA offers a convenient in-house personal account for all your club expenses? This account saves you from standing in line at the desk and saves the club fees charged by credit and debit cards as well. Here’s how it works:
1. Ask the Front Desk staff to start an account in your name,
2. Deposit funds into your account (we suggest loading a deposit to cover at least a month’s expenses),
3. Come in and use the courts, take a lesson, buy a pro-shop item,
4. Tell the Front Desk staff to put it on your account
5. Ask for a receipt for the balance so you know when to add more funds. (You can load funds with any amount at any time).
Sign up for your in-house account today. No membership is required!


spring 2018 Line Calls issue is out!

November 13, 2017 - KVTA is celebrating its 4th Fall Tennis Season!  Cold weather is here, and things are heating up on the courts. Our junior tennis programs as well as our adult socials are in full swing! Our goal is to update all tennis members to the exciting things we have planned for this upcoming season. We thank you for your on-going support for local tennis.

New Faces behind the desk    Welcome Alayna  and Lanell.
New Faces on the tennis courts Please Welcome Wilbur Shardlow and Lanell Beckles.
4th Annual Turkey Scramble Please join us for our Annual "Turkey Scrambles" this Saturday, November 18. Enjoy fun games of tennis, and then enjoy a meal with friends. Lots of fun for everyone! Sign up deadline: Thursday, November 16.
Red Ball, Orange Ball, Middle School and High School  The next Junior Programs five-week sessions begin the week of November 20.Sunday High School Scrambles  Every Sunday 2-4 pm; cost: $10
20% Off Tennis Court Time Monday through Friday court fees are 20% off for non-members between the hours of 12:30 – 3:00 pm
50% off Tennis Court Time Every 2nd and 4th weekend of each month non-members cost half-price for court time. It's a perfect time to bring in a guest.
We are closed Thanksgiving Day, November 23.
Save the Planet Recycle Your Tennis Balls Did you know more than 300 million tennis balls are produced each year? That translates to 18,750 tons of non-biodegradable landfill waste. Please drop your used balls into the recycle boxes newly located in the lobby.
Tennis Court Cancellation Policy Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. If cancelled with less notice you will be billed for the court at non-member court rates unless we sell the court time.  There is a waiting list of people wanting to play at popular times!
Holiday Gift Ideas  KVTA has new merchandise! Ladies’ and Men's light shirts $15; Caps and Visors $20 Quantities are limited so shop early. We are taking orders for the holiday season; deadline is December 4th. Colors: white and ice blue.
Taxable Deductible Donation  KVTA is kicking off our fall fundraising campaign. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our club; KVTA is a 501(c)3 organization.


AUGUSTA — The tennis court floors wore protective covering Sunday afternoon as the A-COPI Tennis and Sports Center on Leighton Road was transformed into an art gallery for “Art on the Courts.”

The Kennebec Valley Tennis Association hosted a benefit exhibit for MaineGeneral Health’s OutPatient Plus Program, which helps people in opioid rehabilitation and the association’s Community Tennis Development programs for junior and adult players.

Some wooden bowls on display made by Dennis Curtis at an "Art on the Courts" fundraiser in Augusta on Sunday to benefit Maine General's OutPatient Plus Program and the Kennebec Valley Tennis Association. Photo by Jeff Pouland

There were no tennis balls bouncing during the show.

“We thought we’d take a break from tennis and focus on art,” said Marcia Duval, who is on the tennis association board and served as chairman of the event. While it is the first time it has been done, Duval said, “We hope to do this again next year.”

The association selected causes that are close to home.

One of the event beneficiaries, the OutPatient Plus program, is run by another association board member, Alane O’Connor.

“We want to support her, plus it’s such a problem in Maine,” Duval said.

O’Connor had prepared a brief presentation to tell attendees statistics describing the extent of the opioid problem in the state — with 317 deaths statewide this year — as well as how the new program can help.

She said that 60 percent of children in the custody of the state Department of Health and Human Services are placed there because of substance use in the family.

An estimated 25,000 to 30,000 of the state’s residents are now seeking treatment for their addiction, according to a survey by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. And an average of one Mainer is now dying every day from an opioid overdose.

O’Connor said the donation from the tennis association will help with the medication Suboxone for patients who are uninsured or underinsured.

“I call it replacement therapy,” said O’Connor, who holds a doctorate in nursing practice. “In my experience, you stabilize them medically. You take away the sickness so they can do the hard work of behavioral health counseling and really change their life.

She has seen remarkable recovery with this type of program.

And as she readied her remarks, visitors walked around admiring the various wares and making an occasional purchase from the 30 or so artists who had set up set up exhibits on the indoor courts, including some student artists. Authors brought their books, and artists brought photos, paintings, jewelry and other crafts.

There was a long table with silent auction items, a live auction set, plus wine and food pairing later in the day.

Beverly Olson, of Mount Vernon, put up framed photos and smaller cards featuring mostly Maine scenes and composed largely of “lakes, loons and lighthouses,” she said.

The scenes were from Flying Pond, Great Pond and one showed a sturgeon leaping from the Kennebec River near the railroad bridge in downtown Augusta.

“I don’t think you can take a bad photo in Maine,” Olson said.

She said she was pleased to be invited to the show. “It’s a great cause.”

Across the room, Dennis Curtis of Augusta displayed his woodturned bowls from Maine timbers.

One bowl, crafted from a pine burl, was aptly titled “Saturn,” with its dark edge of bark serving as the outer ring. The woodturning is an avocation for Curtis, who flips one bowl on its side to show how it would have been crafted from the timber.

“I enjoy doing the natural edge, he said. “They are more decorative pieces.”

The bowls are crafted of red oak, cherry and maple. “I use almost all Maine hardwoods,” he said.

As music filled the air, Matt Demers, of Gardiner, created art on the spot, painting a large mural on the front wall of the tennis courts.

He started with the name and logo of the Kennebec Valley Tennis Association, in mostly blues and greens and filled in the border with some reds and other colors. “All my work is kind of improvisational,” he said. A ladder stood nearby to help him reach the higher section

Demers said he’s created murals since high school, and works from his studio at 327 Water St., Gardiner.

Back to the Future of Tennis was the theme of a multi-activity experience at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29 at A-Copi Tennis and Sports Center on the Leighton Road, Augusta. 32 people participated. The event combined the old and new of tennis with a special feature of chocolate and cheese fondue presented by Mary’s Catering. The old featured with matches played with wooden rackets, white tennis clothes and white tennis balls.  The new was POP tennis which is the modern version of 100-year old paddle tennis.  Players also had matches with regular modern rackets, yellow balls.

White tennis clothes date back to the 1800’s.  Whites were especially proscribed for women because sweat seen through clothing was seen as unseemly.  Men wore full length trousers, shirts and sweaters. Men’s shorts did not appear until 1932 but were not widely adopted until after World War II. The Wimbledon tournament in England, long regarded as the epitome of tennis, still has a strict all-white tennis gear policy including shoes, headbands and overall dress.

There was one 25-minute round with wooden rackets and another 25-minute section of POP tennis. 

POP tennis is played with shorter rackets, low compression balls and a shorter court.  Scoring is the same as regular tennis except players get one serve and serve underhand.  There is a short learning curve for POP tennis and rallies are easy to sustain.

Dan Veilleux, A-Copi’s club pro, said POP tennis is spreading rapidly through the tennis world. With a smaller court size, shorter length racket and low compression balls, players quickly master the strokes and the sport, he said. The club provided players with the POP tennis rackets and they had a good collection of wooden rackets.

The evening was sweetened with chocolate and cheese fondue prepared and served by Mary Timm of Mary’s Catering. Mary was assisted by Terry Spencer and Deb Poulin. Hilary Holmes and Jeff Timm had the best overall scores. Prizes were also given for second, there and fourth places. Elaine Bridge, Lisa Lowry, Mary Timm, Paula Tamburlaine, Frank Dionne, Ken Harvey Marcia Duval and Bruce Hertz of the club’s social committee designed and executed the event.  Carol Ladd provided publicity. They were assisted by club pro Dan Veilleux and club manager Terry Witham.

Please enjoy our 2017 spring/summer newsletter!

In Dan’s Court - I hope that this Spring and Summer will be as nice as last year’s, where everyone gets to enjoy the outdoor beauty of Maine with our neighbors and our out-of-state visitors. However, let me step back a few months to remind our club members and non- members of all the fun and wonderful things that took place at our club since the last newsletter. We had four in-house matches that were enjoyed by all. Our staple event (Friday Night Mixers) has been going on strong this entire year, with 16 - 24 players attending each week. Our weekly Cardio and Triples has also been enjoyed by all. Finally, after almost four years, our Junior programs have been doing so well they are now their own feeder programs. We are still getting a slow, steady feed into our Adult Beginner Programs. We had a very successful February Valentines Scrambles enjoyed by over 32 tennis participants. Our USTA teams ( Adult and Mixed Doubles ) had 2 matches held here against two other teams from different locations. In late April 20-35 students from St. Michaels School began a five-week program here. Also this club has been given the honor of holding the Maine Senior Games for tennis and pickleball, which is usually held by Maine’s southern clubs.

I would love to thank our Adults & Juniors, for their dedication and willingness to improve their game with lessons. My high school players have done such a great job with their play this year. The reason I am happy about this, is that it means that all of our high schoolers have made varsity or JVs. Congratulations to them! I would also like to thank our red ball, orange ball, and middle schoolers for their efforts on the courts, and also for the fun and the energy they bring to this club. I am extremely happy every time I see a beginner finally move in to a group of existing players or when a player moves up a group level. I always say we can give you the tools, but you are the contractor of your own game. The glory goes to you!!

Terry’s Corner Spring is in the air and on the courts! The true sign of spring in a tennis facility is the excitement and energy that high school tennis brings. Our courts are full of high school players and tennis coaches are scrambling to reserve court time. Two of our front desk associates, Rose and Malcolm are exemplary high-school-age players of the lifetime sport of tennis. We wish them well as they graduate from high school!

The Youth Activity Room has proven to be a place where parents and youngsters can challenge each other to a game of Ping Pong or Foosball while waiting for Red Ball, Orange Ball and Middle School Programs to begin. While youngsters are on the court, parents sitting in our lobby can access the internet, which allows professionals to leave work and bring their children to participate in our programs. Our welcoming facility has become a positive place for parents and grandparents to bring their children and grandchildren. Our front desk associates provide a safe and structured environment for our young players. It is our goal to lead by example, displaying integrity, moral values and sportsmanship.

Our adult programs are first rate! Monday Nite Big Hitters, Wednesday Nite Mixed Doubles and Friday Nite Scrambles offer a weekly opportunity for various levels play. Triples, Cardio Tennis and Learn to Play are programs deliberately offered to provide opportunities for fun exercise and skill improvement for our clientele. We take pride in offering our members and guests a positive experience in all our programs.

Our team of tennis professionals continues to implement new programs, not only for our youth tennis players but for our adult players, too. Danny’s, Sherry’s and AB’s tennis teaching skills, programming expertise, and caring are an essential part of our success. Thank you, Danny Veilluex, Sherry Norton and Biodun Ibiribigbe “AB” for your dedication and commitment.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for supporting our facility, both by using it and by giving generously to our annual fundraising efforts. Together we can continue to offer and enjoy the lifelong sport of tennis for years to come!

Facility Improvements - Maintaining a tennis facility includes more than the friendly and talented staff, and the initial development of the space. The Board of Directors and Staff thank you for your continued patronage, and we will continue striving to earn your future patronage. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. This year we have added "Boris", a court sweeper to our facility. We will be installing an AED and training staff in CPR and use of the AED. We are in the process of scheduling a washing of the courts, a redesign of the divider curtains and the bathroom floors are being replaced. The ladies’ toilet fix has been a complicated repair which is being worked on. We are also hoping that our landlord will repave the parking lot this summer. We are fortunate that he is very receptive to our requests for maintenance help! 

USTA League Tennis is Great Fun! By Hilary Holm

This past winter I had the privilege of captaining two USTA League teams, an 8.0 Mixed team that played against two other Northern Maine teams, and a 4.0 Women's team that played in a league with six other southern Maine teams. Both teams finished third (Mixed 1-5, Women’s 7-5)!

Is there interest in other USTA League teams? I am the willing USTA League coordinator for our club. I think we have many players who could play at the 3.0 or 3.5 level and have a really good time. One of the ways my women’s team was so successful was that many of my players play together in permanent court time and so got to practice together at least weekly. The League season usually encompasses 6-12 matches on half as many weekend days but depends on the number of teams in the League. Let me or Dan V. know if you are interested! Seasons are Jan-Mar or Mar-June. 

Here is our latest Fall 2016 Newsletter!  Please click on it to read!

Augusta area winners at Maine State Senior Games - The Maine State Senior Games Pickleball tournament was held at the South Portland Community Center on September 27 and 28, 2014.  The tournament featured 120 players from 8 states competing in Singles, doubles and mixed doubles formats.  Players from the A-COPI Tennis and Sports Center, on Leighton Road in Augusta brought home Gold and Silver medals.   In Men’s singles, ages 65-69, Jon Capozza  won the gold medal.  He teamed up with Bruce Gibbs to win the doubles tournament as well.  Ann Theriault and Jeanne LaFlamme won the gold medal in the 50-54 age women’s doubles.  Ann Theriault teamed with Daniel Bence to win the Silver medal in Mixed doubles ages 50-54. All medal winners have earned the right to represent the State of Maine at the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis in July 2015.